Necklace, earrings and bracelet made of white polyester, resin, Swarowski crystals, steel, magnets
Casted resin, polyester taut
April, 2011
Ranked among the 10 finalists at the International Talent Support #TEN

In this collection, the stretch fabric around the stones is like a protection... like a skin. The structure of each jewel is a spring steel wire and all elements are soft. The stretch fabric perfectly fits with the surface of the neck or the wrist and makes these jewels very comfortable.
Collection created for ITS#TEN - Jewelry Competition

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Wedding rings made of red and white gold
Sketches, 3d renders
January, 2011

Creation of two different collections of wedding rings in collaboration with the brand “Furrer Jacot”.
Golden number
This number can be found in nature and represents the perfection. We find it in the middle of flowers or in shells. This structure has been used to create the wedding rings.
Mobius is a symbol of eternity. This ribbon has no end and its only surface is both inside and outside of the shape. Those wedding rings show the movement of this ribbon, while combining it with a form comfortable to wear.

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Bike // Trolley
Sketches, 3d rendering
July, 2010
«Complimentary Prize» at the Seoul Cycle Design Competition

Bike convertible to a trolley for shopping. Layers of plastic stretched over the framework provide a transport volume when the sides are folded out. The bike’s handlebar is used as a handle. The saddle can be stored in the trolley.
Designed for Seoul Cycle Design Competition

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Stetches, 3d renderings, silicone casted and 3d printing
January, 2009

Development of a new line of belts completing the current “Tie-Ups” line. Each element is compatible with the existing collection.
This model was presented at the stand of the HEAD, to the International Design Exhibition of Milan 2010. Created in association with Noémie Castillo and César Maillet.

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Necklace made of wood, gold, diamonds
February, 2009
Ranked among the 10 winners at the Adler Jewelry Design Award

Theme of the design competition organized by the jeweller’s Adler.
The successive thicknesses represent the accumulation of an entire life thought. The stone symbolizes an important stage of a person’s existence.

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Ring made of silver 925, synthetic sapphire
Traditional manufacturing
September, 2007

Flexible ring presenting a stone from all angles. It can be 3d animated over 360°.

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Ring made of silver 925, rhodium plated and polypropyen sheets
Traditional manufacturing
May, 2006
Internal prize at CIFOM School of applied arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Like a history book, it keeps in its strata the track of climate and environmental changes.

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Watch made of brass, gold plated, leather strap, dial with luminova
Manual milling
March, 2007

Watch developed for Richard Mille brand.
It evokes the Mayan civilization and its very precise calendar ending 2012.

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Bracelet made of resin and magnets
Casted resin
March 2006
Internal prize at CIFOM School of applied arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds

A bracelet on the theme of the fir tree, a subject of Art Nouveau imagined in contemporary thought.

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